Founded in 1995, Charlie had a vision to live his dream of sharing his love of music and providing an experience that will last a lifetime. Music is our passion and we settle for nothing less.

Your special day is something that is to be taken seriously. We provide professional service for any occasion. C&C Productions understands that your special day is not to be taken lightly. We provide superior sound with even better personal experience. When it comes to you we realize there is no option to be second best or to let you down. Our passion is to provide you with the best experience ever, and failure is no option.

With over 17 plus years experience, we give you exactly what you have in mind. Do not settle for second class personalities or sound. At C&C Productions it's all about you.


Meet DJ Charlie

Charlie is the founder and the idea behind the passion that is C&C Productions. 17 Years ago he had an idea to share his love of music and good times with the public. This foundation of drive, passion, and commitment to provide the public with the best possible experience is what drives C&C today.

Meet DJ Dan

DJ Dan is the voice and MC of the experience that is C&C. Discovered 7 plus years ago by Charlie and his friend Mark, Dan never even knew his gift. A natural MC for any occasion, Dan brings a unique sense of humor and absolute positive experience for any occasion. Your special day is sure to be enshrined with the duo of DJ Dan and Charlie.

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